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The Wakefield Court Rolls* are the preserved written records of the Court of the Manor of Wakefield. These records are of great significance and a major resource to the West Riding genealogical researcher for the following reasons:-

1. The length of time which they cover, 1274 to 1926, the published records however only currently cover parts of this period.

2. The early rolls are some of the few surviving records that cover the medieval period.

3. The geographical extent of the manor. The Lordship and Manor of Wakefield included almost the whole of the Calder Valley and was one of the largest in the country. It comprised:-

    i.  11 graveships:- Wakefield, Stanley, Alverthorpe, Thornes, Sandal, Ossett, Horbury, Sowerby, Holme, Hipperholme, and Rastrick.

    ii. 118 towns, villages and hamlets with Halifax, Wakefield and Dewsbury being the chief towns.

Wakefield Manor as a whole stretched over 30 miles east-west and 21 miles north-south, from Normanton through Wakefield, Dewsbury and Halifax to the borders of Lancashire.

Although the manor was large in extent it was not continuous, being split into two distinct regions by the "Honour of Pontefract," holdings of the Dukes of Lancaster. This split takes in a region that includes Huddersfield, Almondbury and Linthwaite, an area which is of some importance in early Mallinson history & distribution. These areas have only a limited reference in the rolls."

4.  Many people, along with the locations in which they lived, are named in the records.

Map showing the extent of the Manor of Wakefield.

Population of England in the years 1000AD to 1500AD.

Showing the combined effects of climate change and the Black Death.


Record Series Volume 29, Covering the Years 1274 - 1297.


Record Series Volume 36, Covering the Years 1297 - 1309.


Record Series Volume 4. Covering the Years 1315 - 1317.


Record Series Volume . Covering the Years 1322 - 1331.

This volume contains references to "Malyn" along with the references to Malynson & Maleson.

The references to "Malyn" have been edited into a separate document which is accessed by the 1322(A) link.



Volume III. Covering the Years 1331 - 1333.


Volume XII. Covering the Years 1338 - 1340

This volume contains references to "Malyn". These references to "Malyn" have also been edited into a separate document which is  accessed by the 1322(A) link.



Volume VI. Covering the Years 1350 - 1352


Volume XV. Covering the Years 1433 - 1436

Typical surnames of West Yorkshire are mentioned, "Mallinson" is not among them.


Volume IX. Covering the Years 1537 - 1539: A link with the woollen trade of Kendal and Halifax is made.


Volume VII. Covering the Years 1550 - 1552: Various epidemic diseases are active at this time.


Volume IV. Covering the Years 1583 - 1585


Volume XI. Covering the Years 1608 - 1609: A book recording the rent due from each copyholder is called the Composition Book.


Volume I. Covering the Years 1639 - 1640


Volume V. Covering the Years 1664 - 1665

* The Wakefield Court Rolls are published by "The Yorkshire Archaeological Society."

Other volumes have been published but these have yet to be consulted.



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