Mallinson’s Property, Newhouse


Papers from the Kirklees Archives, WYAS ref DD/R/dd/VII/68g, consulted in Huddersfield Public Lib.

“ From the Ramsden collection”

(paraphrased and abbreviated)


Title Deeds and papers relating to Freehold at Newhouse purchased of Mr George Mallinson


1)      24 Feb 1832        Indentures of Lease and Release, 28th & 29th 1830:  lease made between William Tetley of Asenby Lodge parish of Topcliffe … and John Dyson of Huddersfield … linen draper … Capital messuage dwelling house or tenement … called Newhouse formerly in the occupation of Jane Bradley widow and also that other messuage … adjoining … on the north side called North House formerly in the occupation of James Midwood and also all and singular the warehouses barns … and other outbuildings … which said two several messuages or dwelling houses have recently been … converted into four dwelling houses and are now together … in the … occupation of the said John Dyson …


2)      26 Dec 1842        Deed of gift of a plot of land situate at Newhouse in Huddersfield … from Mr Thomas

Mallinson to Mr George Mallinson (his father), registered at Wakefield 19 Oct 1863, book XN p.639 no.730, showing signatures of each, 1805 sq yds


3)      18 May 1861       Lease of premises at Newhouse, Mr Geo Mallinson (the elder) to Mr Wm Thomson 10 year lease from 1 July 1861 @  £100 p.a.


4)      26 April 1864       Grant and release by way of confirmation … at Newhouse  … Charles Brook Senr Esq  and others to Mr George Mallinson  [refers to 2) above, as follows,  not verbatim despite the quotation marks]


“After reciting that the said Thomas Mallinson was seized of an Estate of inheritance in fee simple of the plot or parcel of land or ground therein … the said Thomas Mallinson … did… covenant … with the said George Mallinson … that Thomas Mallinson … would … be … seized … of land … at Newhouse … 1805 sq yds … bounded on the north by Brunswick St, towards the south by a street leading from Bath Buildings to Newhouse, to the east by property belonging to Abraham Hirst, on the west by property belonging to the said Thomas Mallinson and then in the occupation of the said Thomas Mallinson.


Whereas by indenture of 28 Feb 1843, Thomas Mallinson, for  £3500 … 11,425 sq yds mortgaged (and including therein inadvertently the said 1805 sq yds comprised in the indenture of 26 Dec 1842)


Whereas by indenture of 27 Oct 1863 between Anne Mallinson, William Mallinson and James Shaw, executors of the will of Thomas Mallinson of the first part … Henry Beaumont Taylor of the fifth part, Henry Taylor for  £3500 paid off the mortgage and for  £2500 bought the 4 dwelling houses … (exclusively nevertheless of the land conveyed to George Mallinson) 9,520 sq yds


Whereas the indenture of 26 Dec 1842 was not registered at Wakefield until 19 Oct 1863


Whereas George Mallinson after the execution of the indenture entered into possession of and erected a substantial stone built mansion house and outbuildings upon part thereof and he has ever since remained in the possession and enjoyment thereof without any claim disturbance or interruption whatsoever and he is now in possession thereof


Also whereas the whole of the mortgage debt has been paid off, for ten shillings each the six mortgage holders agree to clear the title to George Mallinson’s 1805 sq yds, and for a further ten shillings, Henry Beaumont Taylor does the same.”


The Schedule attached to this last document lists some dozen indentures relating to the property, starting in 1699. The final item is  “Conveyance of freehold mansion and hereditaments situate at Newhouse


George Mallinson Esq to the Devisees under the will of Sir John Ramsden bart dec’d 6 April 1869  - with plot map”




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