Abstract of will


1.    William Arthur Mallinson of Leeds, cloth merchant and manufacturer


legacy:         £300 to my wife Jesse Nicol Mallinson immediately after my decease also all my household goods


trustees:       wife

                   friend Thomas Kilner Mellor

                   friend Charles Philander Anderton


residue:        income from one-half to my wife as my widow (one-third from and after her second

                   marriage), the remainder in trust for such children of mine surviving me who being male shall attain the age of 25 or being female shall attain the age of 21 or marry under that age in equal shares and the children of my daughters


signed:         21 June 1888

witnesses     Charles Lupton solicitor Leeds

                   Walter Smith clerk to Messrs Nelson, Eddisons and Lupton

died:            30 March 1893

probate:       20 May 1893

executors     Jessie Nicoll (in the will written Jesse Nicol) Mallinson, widow

                   Thomas Kilner Mellor of Huddersfield, stock and share broker

                   Charles Philander Anderton of Cleckheaton, worsted spinner

Annotation   William Arthur Mallinson formerly of Leeds but late of Ashburn, Ilkley died at Midland Grand Hotel, Euston Road


Gross                      £31012            net £25906       resworn Oct 1894 £32912


death certificate:       died at Midland Railway Hotel, aged 44, suicide, unsound mind

inquest                     held 1 April 1893 by Geo. Danford Thomas coroner for London


Notes from Estate Duty registers

       Jessie Nicoll Mallinson of Ashburn, Ilkley changed to Fairleigh, Ilkley

       Charles P. Anderton address changed to Rawdon Hall, nr Leeds

       Foreign assets   25 shares of $100 each Dakota Farm mtge

                               10 bonds of $1000 each Longtown Township, Kansas

the Dakota shares are registered in Chicago, but the Longtown bonds pass from hand to hand on delivery

       Domicile English        Eng. assets       £30750-2-3

                                       Scotch do         £262-10-0

                                          Irish do             nil   





2.    William Mallinson of New North Road, Huddersfield, Esquire


trustees        - son Alexander Mallinson of New North Road, Huddersfield, manufacturer

                   - son-in-law Thomas Kilner Mellor of Huddersfield, share broker


bequests      - my portrait by Mr Tomlinson and £100 to my eldest daughter Wilhelmina absolutely

                   - my daughter Wilhelmina to select furniture and effects to furnish a small dwelling house during her life

                   - the income from £6500 in trust for Wilhelmina

                   - the residue (& the said £6500 on the death of Wilhelmina) amongst all my other children (the children of my deceased son William Arthur taking amongst them per capita the share which he would have taken if he had survived me) in equal shares, except that the shares of my daughter the wife of Thomas Kilner Mellor and the share of my son Theodore shall each be less than the shares of my other children by £500 in consideration of gifts which have been made to them by me   ...  the shares of the children of my deceased son  ... shall be paid to them on their attaining 21 years of age ... the share of my son Alexander shall be paid to him absolutely  ...  the share of my son Theodore (who is engaged in business involving considerable risk) shall be held by my Trustees ...  to pay the income thereof to my said son Theodore until he shall assign or charge or otherwise dispose of the said income ... or become bankrupt or ... it shall be lawful for my Trustees ... to pay over to my son Theodore the whole or any part of the capital of his share ... but so that not more than one half shall be paid over before he is 45 years of age.


Signed         17 May 1898   witnesses Chas. Edw. Freeman solicitor Huddersfield,  Josiah M Bates his clerk

Died            16 Dec 1902    at 80 New North Road

Probate       30 Jan 1903     gross £22495   net £18883

death certificate                    age 86, of independent means, died of sepsis exhaustion 


Notes from Estate Duty Registers

       duty paid £757-19-11

       per answer to unreg note son Theodore was over 45 at time of Testators death and the whole of  his share was paid to him at earliest possible moment.  (date illeg.)

       Lucy A. Mellor d. 30.1.1925

       Mabel Partridge d. 22.7.1935

       Emily Allen d. 29.12.1935 without issue