1378 x 1379 CA 1280a (Burgess Roll)


134 On Tues after the feast of St John of Beverley <in the said year> [8 May 1386] come Gervase Smyth of Wilford with a second hand (se secundam manu) and claims [in] full court a certain Malynaní son of William Malynson of Nottingham to be his servant for a summer following; Gervase made law with 2 hands for Malyn and he was delivered to him in full court (pro qua Malyn dictus Gervasius se secunda manu legem suam fecit et sibi in plena curia liberat).


Burgess Pleas 1436 x 1437


Forinsec pleas held on Mon after Michaelmas 15 Henry VI [1 Oct 1436] before Thomas Alestre, mayor, William Bower and John Morewode, bailiffs.


248 INQ PLG PROS ADAM FOX, JOHN COST John Malynsson of Burton Joyce, by Richard Barbour his attorney, complains of William Barkar of Lowdham. Plea:

debt of 8d. He says that John on Mon after the feast of the nativity of St John the Baptist 14 Henry VI [25 June 1436] was retained with William to uproot ling (ad extirpandum lynges) for 8d., to be paid at the feast of St Peter and St Paul following [29 June 1436]; he paid nothing but refused to pay and still refuses.

Damages: 4d. He produces suit. William, by Richard Wodhall of Nottingham his attorney, comes and defends the force and says he owes him nothing. Inq. Plg: Richard Wodhall.


Forinsec pleas held on Wed after the feast of St Gregory in the within year [13 Mar 1437].


272 LEVY M Found by inq that William Barker of Lowdham owes John Malynson 8d. Adjudged that John should recover v William 8d. and 1d. damages. In mercy. [Precept to] levy. Plg: Richard Wodhall.