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The intention of the CONTENTS page is to provide a Summary page for the other pages of the site

Four Pages can be directly accessed from the Contents page:

1. G.R.O. General Register Office information on Mallinson, Mallison, Malinson, Mallingson, & Malleson names across the UK. 

Three further pages can be accessed from the G.R.O. page.

    Births registrations.

    Marriages registrations.

    Deaths registrations.

2. Parish Registers.

Parish Register records can be accessed from this page for:-

    Eighty Nine:- Huddersfield & district churches.

    Fifty Eight:- Other Yorkshire churches.

    Twenty Two:- Cumberland & Westmorland churches.

    One each for Derbyshire, Lancashire & Lincolnshire.

    Fifty Seven:- London churches.

3. Census.

The page provides links to the Census data for the years:- 1841, '51, '61, '71, '81, '91, 1901 & 1910.

    The data is presented in a table format.

    The files have grown to such an extent that ZIP compressed versions of the Census Returns have been included on the page. This provides a faster way to download the files.

4. Wills. Extracts from six Wills are currently presented.

    Early Yorkshire wills held in The York Registry (Yorkshire Archaeological Record Series) and the National Archives are also reproduced.

    A Wills and Admons section can also be found on this page. This section has been heavily edited inline with our publishing policy on age related data. 

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Updated or New information and "Work in Progress" on the Site is announced on the NEWS page.

Information about past updates is also given.

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A tabulated index of the Family Trees available on the site is given on the Trees page.

For an explanation of the tree numbering system:- set03_click_on.gif

One Hundred and Forty trees are reproduced:-

    Thirty Seven are Huddersfield & district.

    Twenty Six trees are outside Huddersfield & district, and include six trees each from Barnsley & Elland.

    Twenty Four trees are from Halifax.

    Nine trees from Leeds.

    Twenty Five are Greater Yorkshire trees.

    Nineteen trees come from outside Yorkshire and include trees from Birmingham, London (5), Nottingham, Cumberland, Lancashire (3), and Westmorland (8).

The information in these trees is presented in a Genealogy Descendants Report format.

Each tree starts with the earliest known Mallinson of that line and has been edited inline with our publishing policy on age related data. 

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Thirty Historical Documents related to the "Mallinson Family" and its interests can be accessed from this page.

Six further Pages can be accessed from the Documents page:-

1. Archives. Archived references to: Mallinson, Malinson, Mallynson, Malynson & Malyson.

Three further pages can be accessed from the Archives page:-

    US Immigration (Ellis Island). Information from the Ellis Island Passenger Records web-site.

    Memorial (War Graves). Information from "The Commonwealth War Graves Commission" web-site.

    Honours. A listing of honours won in various conflicts.

 2. Court Rolls. References to: "Mallinson" in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield.

3. Taxation. References to: "Mallinson" in the Poll Tax of 1309 and the Hearth Tax of 1672.

4. Directories. Extracts from Thirty Six Trade Directories, covering the period 1791 - 1901.

    Seven are from outside Yorkshire and one covers the whole of the Britain.

5. Press Cuttings covering the period, 1786 - 2004.

6. Photographs. Includes an item on "Mallinson and Company," mineral water manufacturer.


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Information on the distribution of the Mallinson name is reproduced.

1. A table of limited international comparisons (information from the National Trust Website) is given.

2. Five new maps showing the localities of the Earliest (1247 - 1550) known Mallinsons. These maps have been generated from 131 references.

3. Six maps, using the 1881 census data and based on Ancient County and Poor Law Union boundaries are shown.

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The Problems page presents information about individuals/families whose lineage is very uncertain. Laid out on the page is all the data we currently hold on these individuals/families.

We ask for your help to resolve these Problems.

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Two pages of information relating to the "de Fixby" (modern spelling) family can be accessed from the DF Archive and DF Texts pages. This ancient family is possibly the precursor to the Mallinson family.

The DF Texts page has been enlarged by the addition of references taken from the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, 1274 - 1340.

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A list of historical resources covering the dates 1085 to 1875 and available to the genealogist is provided on Resources page. The list covers research material, with a description of its significance.

Three pages can be accessed from the Resources page:-

    1. Glossary. Archaic terminology as used ancient documents.

    2. Occupations. Latin/English Occupation Terminology.

    3. Locations.

    Two further pages can be accessed from the Locations page:-

      Yorkshire. Modern names for old West Riding places.

      Lancashire. Place Names within West Derby Hundred of Lancashire.

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The LINKS page provides the web address for sites of use to the genealogist.


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