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The site has been set up to collect and distribute genealogical information about the Mallinson name and its variants.

Public Record Office (Birth, Deaths & Marriage) & Census data, Parish Registers, Family Trees (currently 15,600 names not all Mallinson), Wills, News, Press Cuttings, UK distribution maps & Historical Documents relating to our Family Genealogy & History are presented.

This is very much a work in progress and we need your help to expand our knowledge of the "Mallinson Family".

Please Help If You Can.


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The information available on the site is for Genealogical use only.

Following concerns and much discussion about the dissemination of personal data it has been decided that the information available on the Internet version of the site will be limited to: pre 1912 (Births) and pre 1962 (Deaths & Marriages).

Persons not wishing for information to be included on the site should contact,

J. Mallinson at:-  


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Our surname has been derived as meaning 'the son of Mary', and this explanation can still be found in many books on surnames. However, G. Redmonds is now of the opinion that, "There is no doubt though that in Yorkshire, the county where Mallinson is most frequent, it derives from Matilda and not from Mary. To show how and when that came about we must examine the 14th century records, for it is in that period that names which have 'son' as a suffix developed."

The History of the Mallinson Family authored by G.Redmonds is reproduced.


Find it at:- set03_link_on.gif

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Variations in the Surname


Since the inception of the web-site I have had regular enquiries as to whether the spelling "Mallinson" is the only valid way of spelling our surname. Some family historians have found that their family surname has varied somewhat confusingly, making it difficult to trace their family line.

I have currently identified some Forty Five variant spellings, a list of these and an explanation as to how a variation can come into existence is given:-


Find it at:- set03_link_on.gif


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I am John Sykes Mallinson and I was born and lived for 20 years in Almondbury, Huddersfield, since then I have lived in Basingstoke. My interest in Mallinson genealogy dates back 40 years or more and during that time I have met and remained in contact with Mallinsons from America, London and Yorkshire. With the aid of this site and e-mail the contacts have now expanded to many other parts of the world including:- Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

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G. Redmonds for his permission to publish:- The History of the Mallinson Family

The Late Roger C Mallinson without whose work on the family trees other facts and figures, encouragement and attention to detail this site would be a much more sparse and uninformative place.

To all the Mallinsons in name or spirit who have taken the time and effort to comment or add information for publication.

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