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1. Eighty plus BMD files have been added to the Parish Registers page.

2. One new Regional directory has been added.


1. A new page has been added and has been called HONOURS. This page lists "Mallinsons" who have been awarded military honours.

2. Seven new Regional directories have been added.

3. Twelve new Newspaper cuttings.

4. Two new additions to the Documents page.

5. Two new Wootton Wills.

No interest! has been shown in forming a Mallinson Society except for the people I have contacted directly, who are all in favour. The problem I have, is that these persons are dispersed around the UK and elsewhere and I would find it difficult to coordinate the initial phases of setting up the basics of a society.

Is there a group of people in the Halifax, Huddersfield or London areas that I could meet in order to set up the basic requirements? I still feel that a Mallinson society would be of benefit.


Over the last year or so I have been thinking of widening the scope of the website and forming a "Mallinson Society" along the lines of the Metcalfe genealogical & history society, The Metcalfe Society - Weblogic.

The society would aim to bring together, share and act as repository the many aspects of Mallinson history & genealogy.

From my website statistics, currently 10,000 plus visits per month, Mallinson interests & genealogy are world wide. Contacts have been greatly enhanced since Roger and I first came together and agreed to publish our data. I also sure that there is much information that I have not been able to access or is not published.

If you are interested in the project please contact me via the website's e-mail link.

Having said this, my son and I are committed to keeping the current Mallinson website financed, researched & active for the foreseeable future.

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1. Baptism & Marriage Registers for Fifty Eight London Parish churches covering the period from the 1550's to the1880's.

2. Extracts from Four new books of the Wakefield Court Rolls.

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1. Nine Family Trees have been ammended using informtion supplied by e-mail. These trees are:- 5, 5b, 10, 12, 18a, H14, L1, L9, S1 & S2.

2. The Distribution page has been updated with the addition of five new Mallinson distribution maps.


Regular visitors to the site may be aware that there have been few updates to the site since the death of Roger Mallinson.

It was in part Roger's enthusiasm and dedication to genealogy that helped motivate me through the many hours of editing the data for publication.

Following his death it has been difficult to find the incentive, along with doing my own research, to prepare and publish updates. I am glad to say that the required level of motivation has now rekindled itself.

The latest updates include:

    1. A partial 1911 Census.

    2. Revised BMD Registers.

These and future updates will include the last of Roger's work. Coming up in the next few months will be updates to the Family Trees, an alphabetised list of the people in the Family Trees, Parish Registers, Documents and historical commercial Directories pages.

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1. Halifax Parish Registers enlarged.

2. Ten new Family Trees have been added. Others have been enlarged and corrected.

3. Large updates and corrections have been made to the GRO Birth, Marriage and Deaths data.

4. Seven new pages have been added:- Court Rolls, Taxes, Glossary, Occupations, Locations; Yorkshire  & Lancashire.

5. Eight new files are available from the "Documents" page. 

6. Six new files are available from the DF Text page. 

7. An additional photograph with related article has been added to the Photo page.

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Roger Mallinson of West Kensington died on 02.06.2009. His expertise and input will be greatly missed.

1. The CENSUS pages have been updated.

2. The GRO Birth, Marriage and Deaths data. Updates and corrections have been made.

3. The FAMILY TREES Page has been updated and added to.

4. The ADMONS pages within the WILLS page have been updated and added to.

5. The PROBLEMS Page has been updated and added to.

6. The PRESS CUTTINGS Page has been updated and the PRESS CUTTINGS added to.

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1. Two Westmorland Parish Registers

2. A Link to list of Variations to the "Mallinson" name and how they can occur has been added to the HOME page.

3. Large updates and corrections have been made to the GRO Birth, Marriage and Deaths data.

4. The Census Pages have been enlarged and updated.

5. Twelve new Family Trees have been added. Others have been enlarged and corrected.

6. A DISTRIBUTIONS page has been added. Mallinson UK distribution graphs are displayed.

7. The NAMES page has been removed from the site. The Google search facility on the HOME page is faster and can search the whole site.

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Recovering from two serious computer crashes and data loss was the major reason for no updates.

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1. New and updated Family Trees.

2. Updates and corrections to all the census returns. A ZIP compressed version of these files added to the Census page

3. Twenty nine new family trees from outside the Huddersfield area including seven from outside Yorkshire.

4. Updates and corrections to all the GRO BMD data.

5. More early references to Mallinson origins.

6. Updates to two parish registers.

7. Two pages added to the "Documents/Archive" section:- Ellis Island and War Graves.

8. Five new files on the "Documents" page.

9. A new press cutting in "Unknown".

10. Modifications to the site layout.

11. The addition of a site search facility care of Google.

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1. Updated Census Pages

2. More Press Cuttings

3. Updated GRO BMD registration pages and data covering the related Mallinson, Mallison, Malinson, Mallingson & Malleson names for the whole of the UK in the form of the GRO Births, Marriage, & Death (Complete) files.

4. All the family trees have been updated along with addition of twenty four new trees. Halifax claiming 11 of the 24.

5. An updated Home page

6. General modifications to the site including a modified "Cuttings" page, a new "Problems" page and 27 new press cuttings.

7. Seven new documents have been added to the "Documents" page.

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Work is in progress to enable the upload of Ship's Passenger records section covering; USA, Canada, & Australia. The information is available but as yet has not been fully processed.

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Items for inclusion should initially be sent or notified via the e-mail address below.

Ideas for items that could be included on this Site are welcome and should also be sent to:-

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