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Various references to the names of Malyn "A possible 1st or 2nd generation?" and De Fekesby.

From: The Extent (or Survey) of the Graveships of Rastrick, Hipperholm and Sowerby, 1309.

Extract from the Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1325.  pdf

Extract from the Norris Deeds, 12th to 15th century. Various spellings of "Mallinson".  pdf

The "Constables" of Hipperholme & Rastrick, 1364 - 1627.

From, "The History of Brighouse, Rastrick & Hipperholme by J.Horsfall Turner." (1893)  pdf

Malynson extracts from the Calendar of Patent Rolls, Years:-1373, 1374, 1404, & 1405.   pdf

Malkynson extracts from the Calendar of Patent Rolls, Years:-1364, 1380, 1391 & 92.  pdf

References to Mallinson/Malyson in the years, 1374 - 1558 in the "Rastrick Brighowses, Courts for Hiprome, Rastrick and Scammonden Graveships."

From, "The History of Brighouse, Rastrick & Hipperholme by" J.Horsfall Turner." (1893)   pdf

Three extracts from the Burgess Pleas, Years:- 1386, 1436, & 1437.

Extracts from Bishop Hatfield's Survey of the See of Durham, 1377 - 1380. "In Latin"  pdf

Extract from a catalogue of Ancient Deeds. 1390 - 91. pdf

The Northern Rebellions in the Latter Years of Richard II pg 259. (1392) by J.G. Bellamy.

Baildon a history of a Yorkshire manor & family. (1393) pdf

Banner Text  1400  Banner Text

The York Sede Vacante Register 1405-1408: a calendar.

Kirby in Kendale "Records Relating to the Barony of Kendal". pdf

From:- Records Relating to the Barony of Kendal. (Record Series Vol IV) by W Farrer.  pdf

Banner Text  1500  Banner Text

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 7.

The "Greaves" of Hipperholme, Rastrick & Scammonden, 1276 - 1618.

Taken from, "The Yorkshire Genealogist with Yorkshire Biographer".

Although the published list covers the years 1276 - 1618 "Mallinson" does not appear until 1500's. Covering years 1518 - 1590.   pdf

References to a Thomas Mallinson/Malyson in Oxford in the years, 1514 - 1557.    pdf

References to a Thomas Mallinson/Malyson in Oxford in the years, 1555 - 1557.

Taken from, (1) A Second Elizabethan Mural Painting in No. 3, Cornmarket Street, Oxford By E. T. LEEDS (2) A History of the County of Oxford: Volume IV.

Mallinson a Founder of Rowley, New England. Born 1550's.

From the Calendar of Elizabethan Pleadings. Note the change in spelling of the name.  pdf

Population of Cumbria 1560 - 1630.

A area of great interest to the Mallinsons as it covers Westmorland and the area around Greystoke. It could also be read in conjunction with item 2 on the Court Rolls page as both articles cover a particularly difficult time for the population of England.   pdf

The "Greaves" of Hipperholme, Rastrick & Scammonden, 1276 - 1618.  Taken from, "The Yorkshire Genealogist with Yorkshire Biographer". Covering years 1592 - 1618  pdf

Banner Text  1600  Banner Text

From Feet of Fines for the Suart period, 1603-1614. pdf

Extracts from Chancery Proceedings for the Suart period. pdf

Church Surveys. Parochial surveys of Lancashire 1649 - 1655. "Mallinson" is spelt in 3 different ways pdf

"Assessments and Values of land, 1692, 1769"

From, "The History of Brighouse, Rastrick & Hipperholme by  J.Horsfall Turner." (1893).   pdf

Banner Text  1700  Banner Text

The Inhabitants of Rastrick 1759.  pdf

"Steeped in History, the Alum Industry of North East Yorkshire."

A reference to Isaac Mallinson 1778.

Banner Text  1800  Banner Text

George Mallinson & Son. Spring Grove Mills Linthwaite

The Story of Wool. "A Brief History of George Mallinson & Sons"  pdf

Title Deeds and papers relating to Freehold at Newhouse purchased of Mr George Mallinson 1832-1864.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey: London's Central Criminal Court, 1674 to 1913.

"Coffin Row Linthwaite" taken from; Industrial History in Huddersfield. H.A.Bodey, 1971.

The beginnings of George Mallinson's Mill.   pdf

Allendale (New Jersey) History: Various references to "Mallinson" in Allendale.

Mallinson Brothers, Wood Ing Mill, partnership dissolved, 1862.  pdf

Announcement of Bankruptcy of James, Joseph, & Thomas Mallinson, Pianoforte Manufacturers of Brighouse. Feb 15 1870.

References to the "Mallinson" Land Owners in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Taken from, "Return of Owners of Land 1873 YORKSHIRE WEST RIDING"  pdf

Randolf Mallinson and Family. "A family of Note" from Griffith, Australia   pdf

Industries of Yorkshire Vol II c1890.

George Mallinson Mills (Linthwaite) & George Mallinson Chemist (Kirkheaton)   pdf

H.R. Mallinson & Co. - American Silk from a Marketing Magician by Madelyn Shaw.

A reference to H R Mallinson & Company.

The History of New York State: Book II, Chapter V: Part II Editor, Dr. James Sullivan.

A reference to H R Mallinson & Company.

Eli & Thomas Mallinson, Spring Grove Mills, partnership dissolved, 14th May 1895.

The History of Huddersfield and its Vicinity, 1898: D.F.E. Sykes.    pdf

The Annals of Yorkshire from the earliest Period to the Present Time by John Mayhall.   pdf

Banner Text  1900  Banner Text

L. & N.W. Railway Gazette: Retirement of Chief of Time Table Department. A Mr J. Mallinson.   pdf

From Gail Kennett who lives in Sydney Australia. Joseph Mallinson, who appears in Tree 6, Generation 5 - 17. Joseph Mallinson's father, James Mallinson was married to Jane Hanson (my great, great grandfathers (Abraham Hanson) sister.

Announcement of Renouncement of the Schloesser name; Mary, Charles, & Charles Hennig Mallinson Schlosser. 27 Aug 1915

Extracts from a Cumberland guest house visitor's book, 1888 - 1941.

Announcement of Bankruptcy, Kate Annie Mallinson. 18 Nov 1955

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