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JPMallinsonTailorbrush.jpg   "I notice on you web site you have a cutting relating to a police court proceeding where my Great Grandfather's brother, Joshua Percy Mallinson was attacked by a drunk ex-employee. We have in our possession, a clothes brush which came from the tailoring shop of J. P. Mallinson, the very scene of the crime reported in the court proceedings! I attach a photo of the brush which clearly displays the shop name and address. I do not think it was directly involved in the incident."

Examples of Mallinson Bottles

 "Hair Restorer."


      "A Codd Bottle." Showing internal glass marble stopper.

  A Final dividend form.


Raymond Brooke contacted the web-site to say:-

That he had purchased an old glass mineral water bottle with a glass marble stopper. The bottle is marked 'G W Mallinson & Coy Ltd Ipswich, Halesworth and Colchester'. The bottle was made by Redfearn Bros, Bottle Makers, Barnsley.


Another contact was made by Terry Bramer:-

I have found a Codd bottle in my garden with the name of the firm on, from "Colchester & Halesworth". The latter is a small town in North Suffolk. I note from the Website that George Washington Mallinson was born in Pudsey and was associated with Barnsley, but there is no mention of Suffolk or Essex. He is called a mineral water manufacturer. I also note that someone reported that they had a Codd bottle with the name "G W Mallinson & Coy (note the last Coy, not Co as on my bottle) from Ipswich, Colchester & Halesworth".

I would be interested, if you know the answer, to find out why someone from Yorkshire apparently made and sold mineral water as far away as Suffolk and Essex, and what the likely date of the bottle. The bottle reported by Raymond Brooke was apparently made in Barnsley by Redfearn Bros, and I believe I am right in saying that a glass firm with the name Redfearn still exists.


Note:-   Mallinson and Company were the Mineral Water manufacturers in Market Place, Halesworth. (Kelly's 1892).

The town's water supply was from private and public wells. I would imagine that the Local History Recorder at the Halesworth Museum might be able to help on this one. As beer was often thought healthier than water - due to the fact it had been through several processes and had to be cleaner than the water supply. It was not uncommon to have such works in small market towns - especially during the Temperance era.

Portrait of Joseph Mallinson



Title: Portrait of Joseph Mallinson, fl. 1811. Actor.

Type: Engravings

Dimensions Sheet 3 x 4 3/4 inches

Technique: Stippling, Engraving, Etching

Creator: Kennerley

Description: Half-length portrait, holding sheet music.

  Physical Collection: University of Illinois Theatrical Print Collection.

Edward III Feet of Fines, 12 April 1377


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